to my husband

by auntgeorgia

Dear husband,
I've needed your help more than ever the past few weeks. At first you were OK and took me back and forth to the hospital. When I got home, I was on my own. You did go to the store for me to get me some Milk of Magnesia and an enema, and I appreciate that. But you've never ONCE asked me how I am feeling, or fussed over me or made me feel pampered. I know you don't see any stitches, but I had major surgery and it takes time to recover. I feel your resentment when I am laying on the couch or getting some rest. Your anger is palpable and you've been snappy with me and the girls. The stress from your attitude is hampering my recovery, and I feel really sad when I read or hear about how other husbands have taken care of their wives. I know that when you are sick, you just want to be left alone. But not me!!! I want a kind word of sympathy, a glass of water, or just a smile from you. I feel like you've shown me a side of you that I don't care for, and I can't imagine spending the rest of my life with someone so cold and unsympathetic. I have a ways to go in my recovery, and I hope you realize soon how much you're hurting me.
Love, your wife