A Journey with you

by Tamque

Our first sojourn began four years ago, before either of us was ready for anything more than what we had. Then a year ago, we stepped back into each others lives, and now we seem to be in a place that sings promises of lifetimes and love.

My love for you grew quicker than yours for me, but yours is just as strong as mine. The very touch of you tells me how you feel, the tightness of your hug is confirmation that you don't want to let me go.

This will be a test for us, this surgery looming only 34 days away. The fear of the unknown, the nights away from you, the recovery that will show both of us the level of patience we have for each other.

The fact that you are willing to do that, to BE THERE for me speaks to me of things that I already knew about you. It tells me of your character, and your honor and your sense of what is right by me. You are a wonderful man, and I am blessed beyond anything I can every write by you each and every day.

My heart, my passion, my soul, my love

All belong to you.