My Life My Love My Heart My Eric

by heatherly

[COLOR=Magenta]I met my b/f 2 years ago , Oddly enough we met online yahoo chat . Even then I had some medical problems and absolutly no one to lean on I had a minor stroke and when I came back online some of my memory was gone I couldnt remeber Eric . But that didn't stop him , He took it slow and told me it was ok that we could start over and get to know each other all over again. I thought he was about the sweetest person I had ever met! He was so kind, a true family man, he believed in soul mates and romance his sence of humor was so no matter how bad I was feeling He would hav me laughing till I cried! For me there is no one else on earth who could be the perfect man for me! I got real sick and was living in florida and could not get any medical coverage to help so all did was suffer he saved up money and moved down to be with me and I felt so much better at least to have my true love to lean on he then wanted me to be around family he believed this could help and he moved me up to NC where I met his whole family who has done nothing but love help me and take the best care of me I have ever had ! I got medical insurance here and have seen many doctors and Eric has cried through it with me was at every doctors visit in the room holding my hand through all the tests its about a year an a half later and he's still that amazing man I have finaly found the right doctor but have a few more things to go through before I can have my surgery and show him what its like to love a healthy me I can't wait for him to expierence that because he has truley been an angel sent to me for while I have been sick and now its time for him to be taken care of.. I sware this before god and to anyone who will listen Eric is a true man a true love A true angel sent from above I thank god for him everyday and I could only wish everyone found a love like this for I am truley blessed ....... written for my love Eric by: Heather xoxoxo [/COLOR]