to my darling yumybumsteve

by erica.j

from the fated 1st time we met ive had eyes for no other. i must admit at 1st i was worried id fallen for a lad but you have shown me that you are a man in every sense of the word.the things that life has thrown at me have really put you to the test and shown you as the king of hearts i hoped you would be. you care for me like no other person has ever done in my life,which has allowed me to show my vulnarable softer side instead of being hard all the have allowed me to be me, i dont have to pretend with you,we can talk for hours about anything, neither of us having to be right or wrong just bouncing thoughts back and forth. in ways we seem such an odd couple,quite different to each other yet things in life have made us want and need the same things,which make us so very much alike. a few months ago you asked me to marry you and i happily said yes,if you asked me today the anwser would be different, it would be yes yes yes cause not only do i love you,i totaly respect you, youve been a brick these last came to the hospital every day even though you hate them, you even walked there dispite your hip hurting the day you couldnt have a lift. you fetched me ice cause of lack of nurses,held my hand when they took drains and stitches out,you looked after my kiddies despite thier unco-operation and inconsideration, youve bathed me, washed my hair, cooked,put on fresh bedding,put on fresh nighties and knickers,inspected scar at every request,walked for fresh fruit,got angry when ive done too much, hugged,kissed n cuddled when ive had emotional hormonal tantrums,reasuring me that you love me with or without a womb and not complained once that you havent been to golf although i know youre missing it, lol, by god you if you asked me today the answer would be yes yes yes and with a please on the end of it, i cant wait to have you as a lovely hubby. thankyou soooooo much for all youve done, i truly appreciate it. i love you yumybum, xxxtmdxxx