To my Darling Bill:

by mollymal2

First of all, thank you Kathy for letting us be alone!!! And thank you for this site, it has helped me more than you could know.

Dear Hubby:

I thank you for the 23 plus years we've been together, I don't know how you've put up with me. I know you say the same thing tooo, just wanted you to know that I love you so dearly, I couldn't have asked for a better mate. You took me used, with baggage ( lol, she can talk a bit, can't she???). And you hardly ever complained, at least not that I can remember.

Except for that one time. I packed my bags and threatened to leave you two alone to fight it out. That cured it.

Seriously now. You are such a kind, gentle man. I am so blessed to have had you in my life. If something goes wrong (remember, I'm a tough old bird), that you promise you will come out of this good. Will take some time, but I'll be watching over you, don't forget.

I know you don't believe in God. Or the Heavens. But, I do. Remember that I'm watching over you to keep you happy,,,,,you old grump.

Thanks for the flowers today (our 23 anniversary). Did you enjoy your coffee beans? teee heee. We're so comfortable together days don't mean much anymore, just the pleasure of each others' company.

Long story short, as usual. You have been my best friend, lover and confidant. Don't throw that away on maybe someone else (If I don't make it thru) that needs your love too. It's too precious. Be my guy and spread the goodness around

Most of all, thanks for taking both of us in. I know you didn't bargain for the fights, teenager, young unmarried woman, grandchild. But you've always been there (when you weren't mowing) for all of us.

And thank you again (as always) to put up with my love for animals. I know we don't sleep in the same bed anymore, but I'm always with you.

Be well my love, if I don't make it thru to the other side. I will be watching and loving you more......

As always..