I Love My Kennywho

by JennInAZ

When we met, we were both tired of the drama of dysfunctional relationships. We weren't even looking for a new relationship. Then one day you realized that we should be together. Remember when I told you that I was not quite ready yet? You said "No matter what you say....I know that someday you will be my wife". We weren't even dating . I thought you were sweet but I also thought you were nuts.

Well, here we are, years later, still together. You show me each and every day that I am the one you were meant to spend the rest of your life with.

I can't describe how safe I felt going in to that operating room, knowing that you would be there waiting for me when I woke up. Knowing that no matter what happened in there, you would be taking care of me. You loved me so much that in post-op, when you felt that I was not receiving the care you thought I deserved, you, my sweet and usually laid-back Kennywho, fought with the nurses and was thrown out. *punch*

Thankfully, when I woke up, you were there. So loving , so sweet and so willing to do anything for your baby. I have always known that I was the love of your life and I knew that you loved me very deeply. This experience has shown me that, no matter what, we are in it for life..........and beyond

Thank you for convincing me that I was meant to be your wife. Thanks for being the most loving, giving and gentle husband, father and grandfather that we were so lucky to end up with. You have a beautiful soul and I feel like the most fortunate woman in the world. I love you my "trophy husband" (you make me look soooooo good). My life "began" the day we met.

Your Baby