To my husband Tinker

by darlajortega

I love you so much, you have been my rock through this difficult time!
i have been so grouchy and mean to you and I am so sorry for that! Please understand that it isn't you i am mad at, i am just anxious and scared and basically stressed out! I AM SO SORRY Please understand that even though this surgery is the best thing for me, i am still scared and at times i still wonder if i'm doing the right thing, its a big decision. i know you understand and don't hold my attitude against me and thats one reason i love you so much! i know you are going to take great care of me even though i feel as if i am going to be a burden, i feel like i should be taking care of everything because thats what i do! so when i won't be able to
it makes me feel bad. i want you to know how thankful i am to have you
and i appreciate everything you do for me and our kids. Your a wonderful
husband and father!

thank you my love,
your wife,