To my precious Hank

by hanksdarlin

Dearest Hank,

Thank you, sweetheart, for being there for me. Now we have passed the one year marker from my surgery and all is well.

I suppose I will always sometimes have the haunting sense of loss at the impossibility of a baby girl with your beautiful black hair, but I am so grateful and so honored God gave us a strong, healthy, smart boy who is such a perfect blend of you and I. He is the jewel in our crown. You may never know how much I appreciate the way you have made ME feel important and all the what-if's of more children seem merely passing ideas now unimportant. I cannot say you have ever made me feel less for not having more babies for you. Instead you make me feel needed and special to be your wife. Our life is full and happy because we believe it is, just as it is. And to you our family is what you always wanted. Family is so important to you, yet, though we could not enlargen ours, you declare total satisfaction. Your ability to accept and be optimistic is a beautiful thing.

Hank, you are the special one, my darling. With all of my health issues you have been patient, supportive, and caring. Easily you have formed from the role of friend, spouse, counselor, and even nurse when I am unable to care for myself on those "bad" days. You know I try, you help me try, and though the surgery made things better we both know the main causes of my ill health will be here lifelong. Yet you seem unintimidated and continue to love me for me despite what my health does to me. I could not do it without you.

You are my one true love, my strength, my wonderful husband. As we look forward to our ten year wedding anniversary I cannot help but look at the changes ten years have brought upon our life together. Who could have known the hateful things illness would bring to day to day life? And who would have known the courage and kindness you have had to face it with me? I am blessed to have you, Hank. When we said those words almost ten years ago, did we really know what "in sickness and in health" might mean? You have proven that vow to me in so many ways; you truly meant what you said that day. How happy we have been despite our trials!

In the coming years I will look upon our marriage with a renewed sense of worth. Reality has taught me what a fine man you are, though I never doubted it from the first time you showed up at my house in that old Ford pickup . . . the beginning of our forever.

Hank, I love you.