My Love, My Life, My James-Dean

by 25&concerned

[Color=Navy]My dear J.D.
Over time, quite surely with much struggle, you have come to understand what makes a woman, feel alive. You, my love, have instilled in me, that although a part of what makes me a woman will soon be no-more, I am still every bit of the woman you married. As we face, together, my fears of inadequecy, you assure me every day that I am valuable as myself. I understand your fears of loss to this "beast" they call cancer, as you lost your mother to it so many years ago. Yet, you choose to face the probability of it with me, as my rock, my strength, my shield. My love for you grows stronger, deeper and more passionate every day. Thank you for loving me, and supporting me as I could not face this alone. I am so young, and yet my body, so unhealthy, and still, you, my husband, so increadible, still believes. I can not imagine confiding in any one else. You have stood up when I have fallen, you have watched as I have had to cover my eyes. I will never forget all of the research and late night internet jurneys we have taken together, or you have taken for me, to find information because I couldn't do it alone. I will never forget the look of devestation, as though, you, had just found out they would be taking a part of you with them when it was all said and done. I suppose they will be. However, you and I will mend the wounds together. I Love you![/COLOR]