Dear Hubby of mine

by Popsoff

When you walked into the hospital room and I saw your smile, I knew I was going to be okay. You have helped me in ways you are aware of, like vacuuming and doing the dishes and all the lifting, but you have helped me in ways you are not aware of, too. You look at me lovingly, and act like I am beautiful in my baggy clothes and slippers. You help me put the recliner back up so I can get out. You remind me not to "overdo" it, and you take over tasks and have me sit down. All of this tells me how much you love me. I want to heal more quickly for you, to show you that I am strong. But I will heal more quickly partly because of you - and the great care you are taking of me. You're even as impressed as I am by these amazing farts! Sometimes I half expect you to break out in applause! Life is funny. Even surgery recovery can be funny. Here's to a long time of laughing together, and to saying goodbye to years of pain that sometimes made it impossible to laugh! I love you!!!