My dear Jesse

by jillwhitt22

I have never loved nor felt as much love in my life as I have with you.You have been my every thing and always will be.There all we have been through you have always been there for me.I know you are always some one I can turn to. For this past year has been hard and a large strain has been placed on our marraige.I just hope you know I do love you and am greatful for every thing you have done for me,for our children and our life together.Some times I feel though that I am holding you back from having a happier life.I have enjoyed every moment of being your wife from our first date and beyond.You have been more than my spouse,my lover or my friend, you have been my angel. You took me from a life of pain and unhappiness and gave me more then any one could ask for.Now I am wondering if it is time I did some thing for you.I see the way you look at the children with that look of longing for more.I know I cant help the fact that I am unable to give you more children.I just feel as if I am not what you want any more, as if you need some thing I am unable to abtain for you. I know it's hard and I hate asking more of you but I need you to stand by me, because I dont think I could go on without you. You will always be my love and my heart, that shall be some thing that can never be taken away by any one or any thing.I'm sorry for the pain you have gone through in this last year and I wish I could make it all better and beleive me I am trying.
I will love you Jesse forever and always.
Your wife,
Jill Michelle