To Henry from Agnes

by MNMar

Hi Sweetheart,

I'm at the six week mark now and I just want you to know that I couldn't have done all this without you. You were there for the surgery and stayed long enough to make sure I was comfortable, then you went home to rearrange the bedroom, set up the bathroom, and haul up your big recliner, all so I could be comfy and have everything I needed close by.

Those first two weeks, when you were home with me--how wonderful it was to look forward to beautiful breakfast trays full of healthy food, to have a big glass of ice water always at my elbow, to be helped in and out of bed whenever I called you--and most of all, to feel totally safe and protected.

Even after you had to go back to work, you kept tabs on me with regular phone calls, made sure I didn't have to lift anything, did all the major housework, and took me out to dinner when I even HINTED at not wanting to cook! My words may not have reflected what was in my heart, but I've been so grateful for you over this time, I can't begin to say.

I wish every woman who ever had to go through this could have a husband like you at her side. Sadly, so many do not. I know full well how very fortunate I am, and I love you with all my heart!