Blessed with a true DH!

by Eileene

Dear Michael,

We waited a long time to find each other, through earlier marriages and failed relationships. We mesh so well that we obviously were meant to be together, but we had to go thru the "bad" to recognize the good!

You've been involved with my therapies & decisions since I found the wonderful doc who has helped me so much. You've supported me through sexual droughts, too many sick days and lots of missed social engagements. Despite the 40 lbs. I've gained in the past two years, you still find me desirable - how lucky can one woman be? "Luck" really means "God" because we are truly blessed with each other.

Because of your loving support & my confidence in the doc, I have little fear of the upcoming surgery... can't wait, actually! I thank God for you, Sweetheart, and pray that everyone else who reads this is as blessed as I am.

Love always,