brian my one and only

by katmack40

this is my 1 year anniversary of my hysterectomy today. i want to thank you for everything....being there, loving me, holding me when i cry, holding the basin when i was throwing up after anesthesia, driving carefully over bumps, the flowers, helping me in the shower, the continuous "are you ok", "do you need help", and for being my husband... Today i was a little weepy from reflecting back, which you knew when you talked to me on the phone cause i got that "are you ok" speech. ....At times like today i cry but....that is just me. thank you again for being my husband and for being so understanding. you are the best thing that ever happened to me and with gods help we will be together for all eternity. again i thank you for being you and for being MINE. I love you and.......YES I AM OK!!!!!!

With all my heart
love kat