My Stevie-Poo

by sparky76


Through all my life I always felt so alone when I had surgery or when I was sick. But when I had my TAH you were there all day
even though you were so sick and you were there to take me for my first walk and didnt try to push me to go more than I could go.

I remember when I was feeling so sad and lonely in the castle
all I would have to do is call you at home and there you would be.
I woke up alot in the night and wanted you so bad to hug me because I felt so alone and I know you would have been there if
I called but I just could not do that to you because you were sick .

I remember the first time I got to take a shower and you were
right there to help me even though I was so afraid but I knew if I needed help you were right there.

At home you did dishes and would either go out and get me what I wanted to eat or send one of the kids. You always let me sleep when I wanted and made the kids leave me alone to rest. You always told me to under do what I should do and not over do even though you knew I was stubborn and you thought I would do to much to soon.

I love you with all my heart and I thank you for loving me no matter what even though this has been emontial hard on me, and sometimes I just dont feel like myself. You always remind
me when I dont realize it that I dont have all the pain now and I sleep better then I did.

I love you so much!