My Husband, My Friend

by SunshineyWytch

My darling, Jimmy,

I am a little over a week away of a major change in our life. I know that I will be physically going through the surgery but you will be with me every step of the way. I want you to know that I am so glad you will be with me as I go through this surgery. I am scared, excited, nervous and many more emotions that are going through me. I am scared because this is major surgery. I am excited because the thought of this pain I am in daily will be gone is so unbelievable. I am nervous because I dont know exactly how my body will react to all my parts being gone. Knowing you are with me makes this a little easier.

Almost 25 yrs ago we met as a 12 yr old girl and a 13 yr old boy, who would have thought we would be married with children of our own. Our Mothers knew! We have been married almost 10 yrs and together for over 11 now. You are my best friend, confident, lover, psychiartrist, my husband and my cherished soul mate. I thank God above for you daily! I sit back and look around at our boys and am so proud to be their mother and your wife. I love you so very much.

This may or may not be a rocky road we are about to jump onto but I know I do NOT want to walk down it alone. So glad that I dont have to.

With all my heart and breath,

I love you,