My Darling Husband

by Tabbi

Hello my has been nearly 5 months now since my op and I have never really thanked you for loving me, wanting me, needing me and caring for me.

I am so glad we found each other nearly 10 years ago. Second romances are ones that last if the first is a fizzer! Think we have proved that my darling.

I thought you didn't really understand what I was in for - I think you had a peek on the Net while I was in the Castle 'cos your attitude really changed !

Thank you for looking after the furkids , I really worried about them while I was away. Thank you for getting the groceries and running around, doing all the niggly little things I'd do.

Thank you for getting angry with me for doing too much.

I love you, sweetheart - my darling Petey, my husband, my soulmate, my passion.