Dear Family

by KCA

Dear Family,
It has meant so much to me to know how much you care. I really need you guys and you are here every step of the way. Letting me cry and sleep with out question. Jumping when i need something. Fixing your own meals and cleaning up. All this and I havn't had the surgery yet. I know with out a dought ya'll love me and will be there no matter how small or big the need. I have been a total mess for a month now. The pain has gotten worse and found I have more problems than we first thought. Not once have ya'll walked away. My boys knowing they won't get but a small gift for Christmas. Still want to spend Christmas with me instead of their dad who's tree is loaded with gifts. My husband of three years has put up with me and is still here by my side. I thank God for all of you. Loving you all Wife and Mother