To The Best Little Sister In The World!

by SyZyGy

Dear Catelyn,
Thank you so much for all you do for me! Of all the people in my life, you dear sister, give me more support than any other. You are always there for me, no matter what I need.
I dont know what I would have done without you these past few days. I have been falling apart over the thought of this surgery! I am amazed how much an 11 year old little girl has been my life line. Thank you so much Catelyn, for taking over for me and making sure everything on my list got done. Thank you for cleaning every little corner of my house, for packing my bag, for cooking dinner and taking care of your nephews as well as taking care of me!
Thank you for constantly asking me if I need anything... and for getting me things you thought I might want!
I am so glad I have you to talk to, and have you to listen.
I love you tons and bunches lil sis.
Love Always,
Your Biggest Fan!