Dear Jean

by kim308pl

I wanted to say a Thank You.

Tahnk You for getting my meds and whatever I wanted to eat after my surgies. Thank you for willing to listen to me on end about the hsyterectomy before if even happen. Thank you for listening to me about not being able to have children and for telling me it is ok to be sad and hurt by it.

Thank you for reading all those long, long email I sent when I was having a bad day.

Thank you for listening to me go on about JJ and his problems added on top of mine.

Thank you for not judging me and for welcoming me to the family with open arms.

I want yu to know that you are appreciated more than you know. Yes we have are bad days, but the joy of it all, is that we get over it.

You are more than just a mom, or mother in law, youa re my best friend.

So this note is to you.
Just to say Thanks.
You daughter Kim