Dearest Super Man,

by sagespot

Dear Jon,

You can never know how much your love has changed my life. People say that having a hysterectomy changes everything, but not for me - it was your love. Your love saved me. Utterly and frankly.

My love, we are only 28 and you have stepped up to the plate and brought me through this like some sort of Super Man.

We have only been married two years and you stuck by me through all the cancer issues and continue to have high hopes for my future recovery. You respected my choices and supported my decisions over the last six months. Your only concerns were that I was educated about all my options and that I was confident in my actions. So, congratulations. I remain positive that you have more knowledge of the female form than I do at this juncture. What you are going to do with this education is beyond me.

After the surgery I thought I was going crazy. You remember that night when I didnít want to take pain medication any longer yet was in utter agony and going through detox from six months of narcotics? You should know that your Super Man bathrobe makes the ultimate tissue for a woman in tears. I promise that when I feel better, I'll wash it for you.

So thank you Super Man for:
*Taking me to the Cheesecake Factory as our first outing.
*Making me laugh by causing my new kitty doll to swagger across the bed to give me a kiss.
*Knowing that flowers were not the right gift to cheer me up, but a 13 in. Beaker statue would do the trick.
*Knowing that when I'm wrapped in my pink "binkie" the world seems a little better.
*Designing a system, that I still love, where when you want to tell me how sexy I am, you squeeze my breast, cause you cant squeeze anything else because it will hurt.
*And for so many other things probably to inappropriate to mention here.

I have been so scared, as you know, about sex and my appearance. You continue to make me feel beautiful on a daily basis. Last night was no different. As we were finally able to be "close" again, you didnít view my scars as something medical; you worshiped them as a part of my body. Jon, you made me feel more like a woman last night than I have felt in the last six months.

You have never mocked me for my pain, for my fears, or for my insecurities. You have held me in your arms when no other would come close. You have changed my life. Your love and caring has brought me to a new phase in my life - one of hope for the future, and promises of a healthy tomorrow.

So Super Man, you have saved me from a spiral of darkness that threatened to consume me. You have brought my happiness to the forefront of our lives and altered your schedule to make sure I knew this. I know you say that all men/husbands have to care for there significant others this way after a hysterectomy - but I tell you again - they donít. They really donít. But you did. And because you took the time and energy to love and cherish me you have saved me.

Thank you Jon. My love for you runs deeper and swifter than my mountain streams and grows stronger and older than my cedar valleys.