To My Flagman

by flagmanslady

Thank you honey for standing by me through all the problems just trying to get the surgery scheduled.

Thank you for sitting beside my bed every night I was in the hospital,then leaving to work and coming right back.

Thank you for the Scooby Doo pj's and not fussing when I wore all your t-shirts instead.

Thank you for the play station games (even if it hurt to try and play)

Thank you for sleeping on only 6 inches of the bed,'cause you were afraid you'd hurt me.

Thank you for just grabbing another blanket when I had a major hot flash and turned the fans on in FeB.

Thank you for making sure I had everything I needed before you'd go out the door.

Most of all, thank you for looking at me, swelly belly,hot flashes and all and saying...Now can we get married? (we did too)

I love you honey.