MY Dear sweety

by Maple_Syrup

I know I have been difficult at times & grumpy>> But you have never complained..You have stood by my side through it all..And I know it drives you crazy at times with my constant worry of cancer but still you say nothing & just hig me & tell me everything will be allright...If it was not for you standing beside me through all of this & & giving me the strength to know I can get thru it I don't know what I would do...You are not only my husband but you are also my best friend...I don't only love you with my heart but with my soul too.......I just hope & pray that someday I can repay you for all you have do put up with & deal with during all of this and yet never complained....You are my shinning star & with you I know I will never be lost.........I love you darling more than words can ever say...

Hugs espcially for you..