Dear All

by cathcariad

I am now a year post op (TAH & BO). I feel pretty well and my life has changed since the op - for the better.

I am writing this to people who will never see it, my hubby Del (a total technophobe) I want to thank you for the help and support you gave me both before and since the op. Thank you for putting up with PMT and now putting up with the odd mood swing!

Thank you for putting up with my flinging the entire duvet on to you in the middle of the night when I am having a severe hot flash.

Thank you for being kind about swelly belly (or at least not mentioning it).

Thank you for you!

To my dear mother.

I live in the UK she lives in Australia.

You flew all the way to come and look after me after the op.

You were so sweet and good and took it all in your stride, even being chased by the geese!

You too are a technophobe so you won't read this either but it is lovely to be able to just write a note to thank you.

To all the lovely people I know who were just there when I wanted them - thank you!

big kisses and hugs to all