To My Dream.....

by sunshine8

Dear Dream:
Thank you for being there for all of my health problems over the years and I have had quite a few. You have been there through all of the rough times and I appreciate you. Thank you for going through this difficult decision of me having this hysterectomy, and going to different doctors until I found one who would do it because it was so risky and life threatning. Thank you for the night before my surgery planning such a wonderful evening just the two of us with lots of laughs and lots of love and thank you for being there when I woke up from surgery and you have never left my side since. You came to visit me everyday even though I was out of town in the hospital, you took such good care of our sons. Also the day I came home your aunt died and you were worried about me and how I was taking it. You really treated me like a real and I really love you for that. You have also been with me throughout all of my sorrows, My father passing away and my mom's life threatening surgery. You are truly my dream and I you very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!