For my favorite firefighter

by ladyfirewalker

To my partner,
Dave, you really had it cut out for you when you met me. I had just had surgery a few months earlier and then we meet. Knowing I could never give you any children of your own, you still fell in love with me. We have been partners professionally and now we are life long partners forever. You are so young......even though you "like older women" you should be able to have your own kids.......and I feel selfish about I shouldn't have let you fall in love with me. I would give anything to have just waited the mere few months that it took for you to come into my life that night we met. I would have dealt with the pain just a few more months to give you what you wanted so much. I am grieving as deeply as you do for the kids we will never have. I'm so sorry baby.......

We can't turn back time hun, but I promise to love you more and more every day. It's all I have to offer you. You have been so supportive and patient while I get my meds straightened out. You are the only one who really knows me and knows what I am about. You are my best friend, my gift from God that I cherish so close to my heart. Two in, two out, right?? We're getting through this........I love you with all my heart.