Dear Jon, (not a bad dear Jon)

by rojoju


I wish I knew how to thank you for being such a wonderful, supportive, loving hubby through the cancer ordeal and hysterectomy. Perhaps this list of things I thank you for will be a good start:

Thanks for telling me I'm beautiful, even when I was peeing green. Thanks for walking me around the hospital halls until I tooted. Thanks for being sensitive to my pain, and keeping me from doing things that would increase it. Thanks for doing the cooking, dishes and other household chores. Thanks for staying home from work just to keep me company. Thanks for putting up with my insomnia and breaking pee bag. Thanks for bringing me breakfast in bed. Thanks for the hugs and kisses and still snuggling with me in bed. Thanks for loving me and being loving thru this whole thing. Thanks for being the most amazing DH I could ever have asked for!!!