To my best friend....

by melly30

Dear Tim,
as i sit to write this,a lump is in my throat,and tears in my are such a blessing to pick me up when i fall,you wipe away my give me hope and strength..i know that as long as i live,ill never be alone..ill always have you right beside me..i want to apologize,as i know the past 3 years have been very difficult on you..thank you,for sticking it out..thank you for loving me wholeheartedly,and have taught me so many things,but the most important would be this-that I am important,i am worthy,and i do deserve good things..i know our marriage has been far from perfect,and at times,i havent given have never stopped loving me,or supporting me..when i had my surgeries in march,you were right there,by my side..and just a few weeks ago,for my hysto,you again were literally never away from me for more than a few minutes..your warm smile,your wonderfully enveloping hugs..youre honestly the best medicine,to help me heal..i wouldnt be who i am today,without your help..your love is
such a gift,and i treasure it so much..i love how you still bring me flowers,open doors,hold my hand..even after my hysto,you cooked for me,did your best to clean,ran out at 3am to get gas-x..not only has the past 6 months made me grateful to have you,but its made me realize-my love for you keeps never stops..youre my rock,my umbrella when it rains..youre my love,my confidant..and i wouldnt of made it through these past 6 months so well,without you..youre more of a man than i ever could have asked for..i promise,i will always do my best to love,trust,and respect you..i feel like i have a new lease on life now,and i want no other life than this one with you..thank you again,for loving me,just as i am..

love you with all that i am,

TAH W/BSO ON 7-12-04