I'm setting you free

by margie92

Dear Joe,

I'm sorry that this unnecessary (in my case) and extremely damaging surgery has destroyed our lives. I realize that it's the only thing I talk about, day and night. My grief has lasted so long, because I've lost so much and realize there's no undoing it.

The girl you married is gone. I'm not "fun" anymore. I don't want adventures like we used to enjoy together in the past--in my "before" life.

I've decided to let you go. We don't have to BOTH live with the consequences of the doctor's exploitation of me.

I'm moving out of the house. I have an apartment already and will be gone this week. I am releasing you, so you can find a whole woman--so you can enjoy sex again--so you can have fun times with someone who still has life in her, and isn't just an empty shell of a person that used to exist.

Thank you for trying to help me for the past two years. I wish someone had warned me before I made the worst mistake of my entire life.

I died on December 14, 2001. They just forgot to bury me.