walter, my rock of gibraltor

by lena

i thank u for being there for me during my pre/post surgery.
after being w/u for over 21 years, u still see me as a whole woman, even thought i feel i lost a bit of part me along the way.
u stood by me in sickness and in health and carried that promise
this far and still continue to do so. u nursed me back to health, and still pamper me and make sure i do not hurt myself, no matter if i feel good or not. u treat me w/kindness and respect, and still show me after all these years the love as if it was the first day we met. u have been so patient w/me during this whole process of hormones and recovering that i just wanted to make sure i put this in writing for u to see how much i dedicate my love and heart to u. now begins our life together, and everything we have gone through physically ill, has been put to rest now.
o and u were right,,,the sex is great afterwards,,,and no worries
or fears or pain or bleeding anymore. onward and upward w/our life together. can it get any better than this ?

yours always,

all my love and heart,

your little lenie, the squirrel face