Thank you Jon! Love you!!

by CountessHoneyB

You have really showed his true character, especially through the cancer. You accepted the job here blindly, just to get us back home. You has been to every Dr. appt. You have listened to me cry,listened while I talked about my fears, and helped me plan for the "what if". You were the last person I wanted to see before surgery and the first person I asked for in recovery. You have stepped up and really showed what a great Father he is. It was not easy for you to go from working outside the home to being thrown into the SAHD role but you have done it and done it well. There are days when you doubts yourself (I have days like that too) but you are doing well. Nobody said being a SAHM or SAHD was easy!! Not only do you take care of the girls but you take care of the puppy/cats/fish, clean, cook, do the dishes, wash the laundry, shop, do the yard work, and you still has time to wait on me hand and foot. You have a big bed you can sleep in but you choose to sleep on the couch, next to me in the chair, until I am ready to sleep in the bed! Now, you are back to work part time and are still doing all of this!!! I am so happy and so blessed that I am married to you. You truly iare the man that was made just for me!!!!
Sorry to gush but I am just so happy, so proud, and I am madly in love with you!!!!