With All My Love

by Amy S

My Dearest Joe,

Thank you for sticking by my side before, during and after all the surgeries I have had. Thank you for never doubting me, thank you for always believing in me. You were right there with me at every doctor appointment, listening to what the doctor was telling me. You asked the doctor questions if she/he said something you didn't understand and got answers (even when some of the questions were pretty silly).

You cooked, cleaned, took care of the kids, balanced the checkbook, ran errands and ran the house during my recoveries. You were never impatient when it came to making love, always patient and understanding. When I had emotional issues, you were there for me, in every way possible. When I was having problems dealing with being told I would never be able to have anymore children (even though our family was complete), you held me and listened to my fears. You gave me your shoulders to cry on and your hands to hold.

You have always been there for me emotionally and physically and for that I thank you, my love.

Your Loving Wife .. Forever and Always