Lucky Me

by glitzygal

Dear Stud Muffin,

Lucky me! During those scary days last summer when we didn't know what was wrong with me - you were right there by my side. From the ER to the urologist, to the CT scan to the gyn/oncologist, to the cardiologist and more tests - you were my rock.

The day before surgery you made sure I had everything close by when I lived in the bathroom for hours - you even brought me that lovely bowel prep concoction every 15 min. in a stemmed wine glass. Somehow it tasted better that way.

In the wee hours of the morning you drove me to the hospital and remained with me until they whisked me away to surgery. The next thing I know, I'm being wheeled to my room and it comforted me to hear your voice following the gurney.

Every day you came and stayed with me - I really needed that. You were terribly bored as you watched me doze, but it meant so much to have you there. You helped me walk the halls and joked with the nurses (they loved you!!)

At home you went on a cleaning frenzy - even the dust bunnies under the couch weren't safe. You helped me shower, fixed meals, did laundry, grocery shopped, changed bed sheets and rented me movies. Even when you had to return to work ( I hated that first day alone!) you called to check on me.

I loved it when you would kiss my swell belly, and when my incision was healed enough you would rub vit. E oil on it softly.

At my four week check up, you were there when the doc said I was still not quite healed inside, so we should wait one or two weeks before we ventured there (I heard two weeks, you heard 1! )But you patiently waited until I was ready even tho that wasn't until about 9 weeks (who's counting?) We made up for it tho, didn't we studley

Thanks also for ignoring my crankiness during those early months of sleep deprivation. What a difference a good nights sleep makes, huh?

Its been 33 years since we vowed "in sickness and in health" and "for better or worse" - we're still going strong, and I'm still thanking my lucky stars.

Love u Loads,

Your Goddess