by pamdf

Dear Michael,

I can't begin to tell you how lucky I am that I have you in my life. You were so understanding when I told you 8 months after we got married that I needed a hysterectomy. We had discussed children & had decided not to plan on them but this operation took out the option of changing our minds. I thank you for your understanding in this, noting that my health was more important than anything - you told me "I married you for you, not your uterus!" - I love you for that!

I wanted to tell you that you passed "Husbands 101" with flying colors during my stay in the hospital and my recovery at home. Even though I slept most of the time in the hospital, you were there to hold me when I threw up my first meal, then brushed my hair and told me I was beautiful (I know you lied, but that's fine with me!). When we got home you were there to help me up the steps and had all my "stuff" right by the couch ready for me. I was scared to take my first shower so you got in there with me & just let me stand there while you pampered me. Every day you told me I was beautiful and you loved me, even when I was in a crappy mood and didn't derseve it.

You took the week off to take care of me and while your cooking & cleaning could be better (and grocery shopping skills), it was appreciated that I didn't have to lift a finger. When you went back to work I really appreciated the fact that you had gotten all my meals together & packaged them so I only had to grab a juice container or microwave something. It was also nice to have you call me from work to see how I was doing and if I needed anything.

When I had my 6 week check-up an the doctor said I wasn't healing quickly internally, I then had to tell you that sex would have to wait until week 9 or 10. You were so great about it all and didn't get huffy about it or act like a child - you once again said that recovery is the most important thing right now for me and your needs will just have to wait.

You did all these wonderful things for me and I never realized before how lucky I am to have married you.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!